• Wireless microphone system, microphone TOA, TOA Vietnam

    WS-400 Wireless Microphone Systems

    Beautiful design, high sound quality with outstanding applicability

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  • Personal PA System ER-1000A, teaching aids, teaching aids machine

    Personal PA System ER-1000A

    The ER-1000A is a compact, lightweight, hands-free portable public address system with a rated power output of 6 W

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  • A-3000D SERIES

    A-3600D SERIES

    6 MIC input, 4 AUX input and many other functions..

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  • Digital Conference System TS-D1000

    Digital Conference System TS-D1000

    Beautiful design, high efficiency with digital conference system TS-D1000

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  • Infrared Wireless Conference System

    Infrared Wireless Conference System

    Luxurious in style, attractive in function with the infrared wireless conference system TS-920 / TS-820

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  • Ba Na Hill Project

    Digital Wireless Guide Systems

    Provides crystal clear sound without interruption, ensuring clear audio transmission at all time.

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